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Books . . .

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From Enslow Publishers, September 2010 
Food for a Greener World

My latest books are nonfiction for middle and high school readers. (But adults enjoy them, too!) The Right to Counsel was released by Enslow Publishers in January 2009.


Do you assume one person can do little to bring about change? If so, this book will change your mind. It explains how our justice system used to work and how the efforts of one poor, illiterate man brought about change. Because he believed the U.S. Constitution was on his side, Clarence Earl Gideon took his case all the way to the Supreme Court. The Right to Counsel, part of the series Famous Court Cases which became Movies, the book explores the case, its impact on the U.S. legal system, and the movie made about it--Gideon's Trumpet, staring Henry Fonda.


This rack display is from the Chardon Book Festival (in Ohio). The series Kids Throughout History is for elementary-aged children. This excerpt from the May/June 1999 Michigan Learning sums up the series:

"It's tough for kids to grasp history when it all happened so long ago. But relate it to things kids care about-like food, clothing, school, chores, and free time-and history comes alive. What did kids eat, wear, and do? Where did they live, learn, sleep, and work?

The Kids Throughout History series answers these questions and others about everyday life in different time periods. The books open with an overview of the time period covered and conclude with what readers have learned."

The Oceans is a book for upper elementary and middle school readers. It's part of the Endangered Animals and Habitats series published by Lucent Books. The Oceans discusses how human pollution, overharvesting of ocean resources, and coastal development are endangering the ocean habitat and what measures are now being taken to prevent further decline of the global ocean ecosystem. I've also written several books for educational publishers about firefighting, the environment, and Ernest Shackleton's failed attempt to cross Antarctica. The New Deal and the Great Depression in American History, published in Spring 2002, was my first book for Enslow Publishers.

You should be able to order any of these books from your local bookseller, or try Booksense, Powells, or your favorite on-line bookseller.

 Danger on Ice Nature Recovers Fire Fighters!
 Kids in the Middle Ages  Kids During the Renaissance  Kids in Colonial Times
Kids in Ancient Greece  Kids in Ancient Rome Kids in Pioneer Times
Kids in Ancient Egypt Kids During the Industrial Revolution Kids During the American Civil War
 The Oceans Mottos to Live By (English or Spanish) Kids During the Great Depression

. . . and other writing

Books aren't my only writing credits. I also write poetry, review children's books, and write articles for magazines and library reference books. Next time you're in the library, or need to write a school report, look for these books:

World Conflicts edited by R. Kent Rasmussen, Ph.D. (Salem Press 1999)
World Leaders edited by Chris Moose (Salem Press 1999)
World Philosophy, rev. ed. (Salem Press 1999)
Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues edited by Robert McClenaghan (Salem Press 1999)
St. James Guide to Children's Writers and St. James Guide to Young Adult Writers edited by Tom
    and Sara Pendergast. (St. James Press, 1998)
International Dictionary of Modern Dance, ed. Taryn Benbow-Pflazgraf.(St. James Press, 1998)
Native American Tribes, ed. Melissa Walsh Doig. (Gale Research, 1997)
Dictionary of Hispanic Biography, ed. Joseph C. Tardiff. (Gale Research, 1996)
"Richard Armstrong," British Children's Writers 1914-1960 ed. Dr. Donald Hettinga and Dr. Gary Schmidt. (Bruccoli Clark Layman, 1996)
Notable Native Americans, (Gale Research, 1995) and
Twentieth-Century Young Adult Writers, 1st Ed., ed. Laura Standley Berger. 6 articles (St. James Press, 1994), among many others.

Interested in reading some of my magazine work? Click the links to a few on-line articles. 
Also check databases at your library. Ebsco's Searchasaurus, Sirs Discoverer, and Gale's Reference 
Center Gold include my article reprints.

"A+ for After-School Activities" in Michigan Learning and now available at
"Check It Out: More to Explore at the Library" in Wonder Years, a Michigan parenting/education magazine 
and "Helping Your Child with Library Research" which originally appeared in Michigan Learning and is now archived at
Play Cards! Build Math Skills!" at
Article for writers on magazine marketing at 
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